About Agri Food Quest

Who are we??

Agri-Food Quest is a membership-based, industry-led Innovation Centre for the agri-food businesses in Northern Ireland. The Centre is focused on increasing the level of collaborative research activity to support the agri-food industry growth strategy as defined by the Agri-Food Strategy Board in "Going For Growth"; that is to grow the agri-business sector by 60% by 2020 to £7bn turnover. This collaborative research and innovation activity will help grow a sustainable, profitable integrated agri-food supply chain in Northern Ireland.

The Centre is located at Queen's University Belfast with QUB, Ulster University and AFBI as our preferred research partners. To achieve these key objectives, Agri-Food Quest will be funding research projects to a value of £6m over 5 years from Invest NI (representing a maximum of 75% of the total project cost) and Industry in-kind contributions (25% of the overall cost). The Centre will also leverage additional Research funding sources locally (Invest NI, DARD, IntertradeIreland), nationally (TSB, RCUK) and internationally (H2020).

Our Mission

Grow the agri-food Industry in Northern Ireland through Research and Innovation


Agri-Food QUEST aims to:

  • Develop the agri-food industry research agenda through mapping the needs of the local industry based on the ‘Going for Growth’ strategic pillars;
  • Identify relevant science and technology experts who can provide solutions to these needs;
  • Facilitate partnership between research experts and the Agri-Food Business to stimulate innovation and competitiveness.
  • Help build an improved and sustainable R&D infrastructure supporting the NI Agri-Food sector.