Agri-Food Quest invites its members to put proposals forward for its second call before 10th May 2016. Agri-Food Quest targeted areas of research for this call are human health and diet, track and trace, improving animal productivity (with a particular focus on grass production and gut health), and shelf life extension. This second project call is limited to projects less than £250,000 in total cost and are less than 2 years in duration. For opportunities outside these criteria please contact Agri Food Quest Manager (Please see Details).

With our agri-food businesses in Northern Ireland continuing to grow and opening new markets, there remains great opportunities for ambitious companies to work with academic researchers to create innovative products and services that can be sold globally.

To find out more or to get advice, do not hesitate to contact Stephane Durand, Agri-Food Quest Manager.

You can download the proposal template below.